Friday, July 21, 2006


party's tomorrow. spent over $300 on food and booze at Costco last night. found out from the doctor yesterday that i'm having stomach problems because of the anti-inflammatories that i've had to take for my neck problems, and now the medication they gave me is making me jittery. that's JUST what i fucking need- i'm anxious enough as it is. now i'm shaking like a little chiahuauah (how the hell do you spell that???). i'm stressing a little about tomorrow, but melissa is coming today, and that makes everything better.

what made my day bearable this morning? despite the fact that Union Station was closed due to a suspicious package, and i had to get off the train at the first stop (of five) to try and get another train that was less crowded, i was entertained by the VERY large woman who tried to take my place on the train i had just left. it was a squeeze for me, and apparently even more of one for her... given her sizeable rear. it was in fact such a squeeze that the door CLOSED ON HER ASS. then it opened, the bell tolled and the speaker came on 'please stand clear of the doors', and she sucked in a little more and barely squeezed into the now sardine can-like metro car.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

what a shitty day.

i'm going to repeat it. what a shitty day.

1) the ring that is my birthday present from was out of stock and the computer system automatically cancelled my order (with no email for notification). i've been working with them (read: tearing them a new asshole) regarding getting me the credit to our account so i can order it again- because it IS in stock and the computer messed up. i'm LIVID. just gimme the damn ring- we ordered it july 3rd- and that should've been enough time for it to get here by my birthday next week but now it's not looking so good. they are so fucked up. i hate them. yes, i'm childish, and no, i don't care.

2) landlord found the window that tim accidentally cracked in the old place. he wants to deduct that from the security deposit (fine), but he also wants to charge us for cleaning the apartment (the food under the stovetop range, and dog hair behind the washer/dryer, and the 'dog smell' in the place). bullshit. when we moved in, your sister forced the apartment on us, and told us that it wasn't going to get professionally cleaned and that we'd have to clean it ourselves if we wanted to move in... and if we didn't want to do that, there was someone else willing to take the place. now you're telling me you're charging ME for cleaning? you're fucked up. i hate you. yes, i'm childish, and no, i don't care.

fuck you.

i feel a little better now. but i still want the ring, and i still want the deposit. i'm serious. do i look like i'm kidding?

Monday, July 10, 2006

done and DONE!

i took care of the backyard this weekend... tim helped me take down 2 bushes and a sapling, and then i pulled all the bricks, cleared the border, pulled the 2x6 planks, built a brick wall (with mortar), laid out the plants, and raked and laid out the cedar chips. i was in the backyard for 11 hours on saturday and finished everything up on sunday morning. i must say, it made a big difference... and if you can't tell already, i'm quite proud of my first swing at landscaping! :)
i've found my triceps again, and my back and neck took a beating, but it sure is nice to have that done... and 2 weeks before the party!



Thursday, July 06, 2006


yes, this picture quickly summarizes what i'm feeling today. how? well, let me explain.

we had a chat with the landlord this morning about going in and finishing up some of the stuff he needed to touch-up in the new place. the dogs had been quite friendly with him, and we'd both be at work so it was a great time for him to just go in and get things done since he had some time.

11:30 rolls around and he opens the door. the dogs are friendly, but then mina starts getting freaked out (probably because he's 6'7", and was carrying a box and tools). once mina starts going, kingo will come and protect her. so, as it turns out, mina snapped at the landlord, kingo just about barreled clear out of the house- and getting the screen door shut (which doesn't lock) was all he could do to keep the dogs from getting out into the alleyway.

the landlord doesn't have very good luck with dogs. he owns one, but was attacked as a kid, and has always been skittish around them. mina and kingo are in a new home, and really don't know exactly what's going on yet. i get a call from the landlord and have to go hop on the metro- because he's barricaded the screen door shut while i ride the train- because he can't get in to shut the main door. i get home, he's completely freaked out (hell, who wouldn't be by a 120lb. rottweiler?), and mina is clingy because she was just as scared as he was. *sigh*

believe me when i say that my dogs mean well. mina just gets spooked easily, and well, kingo's got her back. the landlord feels bad, i feel bad (okay, mortified).

i'm totally and completely embarassed. really. fuck.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

oh yes.

we've moved. we've finally moved. and we're barely alive.
i've managed to get most everything unpacked/hung/put away! it's amazing. i'll have to get some before and after pictures up here sometime after everything is all settled... but for right now you'll just have to take my word for it.
i'm exhausted. i can't remember the last time i was this tired (maybe the last time i moved? duh), but seriously. i had 4 days, and i'm SO FUCKING TIRED.
1. movers didn't show.
2. place wasn't entirely done when we got there, the landlord was still painting.
3. it rained the 2nd day we were there, forcing us to cram everything under the house in the storage space even if we weren't done sorting.
4. ceiling started to leak a little in the kitchen (the bathroom is above). uh-oh.
5. in-laws came over for a bbq yesterday. we still had boxes to sort. oh well.
6. woke up for work this morning to find that kingo's ass exploded in our living room all over the new rug. tim and i spent a good deal of time cleaning that up (mostly tim). oh MAN did that smell.

what's good?
1. we have our own little house.
2. it's a FAN-TASTIC neighborhood, full of yuppies. oh yeah, i'm REAL excited.
3. metro is 100 paces from my front door. :)
4. we walked to the end of our street (right by the metro) and watched the fireworks on the Mall last night. (for all of about 5 minutes, but whatever). hehe
5. the place looks great. just the backyard left to do.

GODDAMN it's hot out!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

i officially HATE oven cleaner.

yeah. i hate it. after my 3rd dentist appointment in 3 weeks, i made my way home to clean so that there won't be a ton to do when we move this weekend. i figured 'hey, why not tackle the oven! it can't be THAT bad...'. no. bad idea. i'm never cleaning an oven again. after eating some of the spray (not on purpose, i promise), i don't think i'll ever be able to smell it again without getting sick. and when i woke up this morning there was a big pimple on my arm just above where the rubber cleaning gloves stopped. yumilicious. i swear, it looked like a boil or something. groos. the cabinets are clean, the fridge is clean (thanks tim!), the back room now has clean windows, sills, blinds, floor... but i lost all my momentum after the oven cleaner. *ick* note to self: if you use bleach spray to clean out cupboards, it will probably burn your eyes after a bit. take frequent smoke breaks.

how do we have so much junk? boxes upon boxes of junk. and what are those? oh, they're more boxes of junk. loveable junk, but junk nonetheless. and we've already downsized our posessions alot. guess i'll be doing more of that when we move in and realize how small the place TRULY is with everything we own inside of it. i sure hope the couch fits through the door. maybe we can saw it in half and then i can sew it back together? fat chance.

oh yeah, another dentist appointment next week. FUN!

in other news... i am officially addicted to myspace. i have found so many neat pages- and such friendly people. i get to give props to artists and musicians that i love, and with them on my friends lists, i can get their bulletins for new work that has come out. there are so many people with so many interesting ideas... i envy the artists for the ways that they are able to express them selves- conveying such a haunting calmness to the observer. stop global warming. bring our troops home. oil company statistics. everyone voicing their own opinions in a way that can reach many many people. and more people join every day. i look forward to encountering them and seeing their opinions as well.

peace & crackers

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Monday, June 26, 2006

well well well

it seems that we've had an interesting monday so far... an interesting weekend, even! tim got to smash up his old laptop with an enormous hammer on the sidewalk yesterday. on saturday, we found a statue of a faceless St. Francis Assisi that we're going to put in the garden of the new place.

i managed to finally pack up my closet into a box that now weighs more than i do. i have a dentist appointment tomorrow (this is gonna be fun... i can FEEL it). melissa started her new job today, which i'm very happy about. one of the best parts is that today i've been finding a bunch of profiles on myspace of artists that create works of beauty (ok at least what I would call beauty...) even chatting with some of them a bit. i think if you like an artist's work, you should tell them. you may never know how much it means to have a stranger say that they think their work is amazing.

btw- if anyone is on myspace, hit me up.